Hungary won the WDSF Open Youth Latin

A field of 62 couples entered the tournament of the WDSF Open Youth A Latin. Andrei Petcu/Nicole-Vanessa Barna from Hungary won the tournament. Silver went to David Jenner/Elisabeth Tuigunov (Germany) and the podium completed Fabian Glatz/Delia Breitmaier (Germany) with mixed ratings. The places 4-6 went to Denmark and Germany: Christian Holweg/Pauline Staiber from Nuremberg, Mads Friis Lassen / Ilona Sak (Denmark) and Alex Krüger / Fabien Lax from Dresden.


1. Andrei Petcu / Barna Nicole - Vanessa Hungary
2. David Jenner / Elisabeth Tuigunov Die Residenz Münster
3. Fabian Glatz / Delia Breitmaier Grün-Gold-Club Bremen
4. Christian Holweg / Pauline Staiber TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg
5. Mads Friis Lassen / Ilona Sak Denmark
6. Alex Krüger / Fabien Lax Tanzsportzentrum Dresden

Mon, 17 Jun 2019 07:03:00 +0200

Tomasz Ruszkowski/Julia Mozdyniewicz (Poland) are winners of the WDSF Juniors II B Standard


The Juniors II B Standard WDSF tournament was attended by 28 couples.

After three rounds the final started with couples from Russia, Poland, Latvia and Germany.

Tomasz Ruszkowski/Julia Mozdyniewicz (Poland) were victors with all dances, followed by Ernests Aksels Dimants/Marija Pascenko from Latvia.

The third place went to Oleg Kolesnikov/Alina Shadrina from Russia.

Fourth, fifth and sixth place went to Kai-Leo Axt/Madlen Gossen from Germany, Piotr Skrzypczak/Pola Kowalik from Poland and David Goldort/Maria Zosimidou from Germany.

Congratulation to all couples!

Final result:

  1. Tomasz Ruszkowski & Julia Mozdyniewicz (Poland) - PZ5
  2. Ernests Aksels Dimants and Marija Pascenko from Latvia (Latvia) - PZ10
  3. Oleg Kolesnikov & Alina Shadrin (Russian Federation) - PZ15
  4. Kai-Leo Axt & Madlen Gossen (Germany) - PZ21
  5. Piotr Skrzypczak & Pola Kowalik (Poland) - PZ26
  6. David Goldort & Maria Zosimidou (Germany) - PZ28

Mon, 17 Jun 2019 06:45:00 +0200

Star couples Youth Latin

Star couple for the WDSF Youth Latin Competition:

  • Andrei Petcu / Barna Nicole - Vanessa

Sat, 15 Jun 2019 19:35:00 +0200

Ionel/Schumichin are Winner of the WDSF Open Youth Standard

At 10.00am the Summer Dance Festival started with the WDSF Open Youth Standard. 6 couples from Russia, Poland and Germany were called for the final. In a tight decision Egor Ionel / Rita Schumichin (Art of Dance Köln) were the winner of the tournament. The second place went to Kirill Efremenko / Anna Mishenkina (Russian Federation), who won the English and the Viennese Waltz. The bronze medal went to Tim Fleischer / Angelina Bar from Leipzig. The final placements 4-6 achieved Daniel Müller / Anna Gommer from Bielefeld, Kamill Bochenek / Pola Mierzwa (Poland) and Alex Krüger / Fabien Lax from Dresden.

Congratulation to all couples!


1. Egor Ionel/Rita Schumichin (Germany) - PZ7
2. Kirill Efremenko/Anna Mishenkina (Russian Federation) - PZ8
3. Tim Fleischer/Angelina Bar (Germany) - PZ15
4. Daniel Müller/Anna Gommer (Germany) - PZ 23
5. Kamill Bochenek/Pola Mierzwa (Poland) - PZ 25
6. Alex Krüger/Fabien Lax (Germany) - PZ 27

Sat, 15 Jun 2019 15:15:00 +0200

Star couples WDSF Open Youth Latein

These are the star couples for the WDSF Open Youth Latin:

Alin-Andrei Beca / Michelle Nazarenus
Glenn-Richard Boyce / Caroly Janes
Justin Lauer / Alisia Trunov
Augustinas Trinkus / Neda Elena Salugaite

Sat, 09 Jun 2018 20:00:00 +0200

Star couples Youth Latin

These are the star couples for the Youth Latin competition:

  • Jakub Bruck / Anna Riebauerova
  • Davide Cotroneo / Valentina Corradi
  • Marian Hlavac / Tereza Maturova
  • Dima Kusnir / Valeria Gumeniuc
  • Gedvinas Meskauskas / Ugne Bliujute
  • Eugen Miu / Sandra Overballe Pedersen
  • Evgeny Nikitin / Julia Khurtina
  • Daniel Schmuck / Veronika Obholz

Sat, 17 Jun 2017 13:34:00 +0200

Star couples Youth Standard

These are the star couples for the Youth Standard competition:

  • Luciano Donato / Adele Diodati
  • Michal Kieszek / Julia Stefanska
  • Dima Kusnir / Valeria Gumeniuc
  • Gedvinas Meskauskas / Ugne Bliujute
  • Ricards Steinfelds / Atile Zukaite

Fri, 16 Jun 2017 19:13:00 +0200

Draw of heats on Android smartphones

Now available for all Summer Dance Festival competitions: Receive the draw of heats on your Android Smartphone with TopTurnier myHeats.

Fri, 10 Jun 2016 22:49:00 +0200

Start lists

The start lists are online.

Mon, 06 Jun 2016 21:05:00 +0200

The last WDSF-competition 2013 win a couple from Denmark

34 couples started final WDSF-competion of the 15. Summer Dance Festival, the WDSF Junior II B Standard. Germany, Denmark and the Czech Republic shared the six places in the final. The victory went to Denmark to Viktor Wolff Bengtsen/Ida Nybo Koefoed. The German Florian Schell/Christina Gidikas came second, befor the second danish couple Alexander Pavlov/Mie Uedesen.

1. Viktor Wolff Bengtsen/Ida Nybo Koefoed, DEN
2. Florian Schell/Christina Gidikas, TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf
3. Alexander Pavlov/Mie Udesen, DEN
4. Jakub Skoda/Marketa Skorpilova, CZE
5. Philip Reichelt/Evelyn-Marie Vasilyev, TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf
6. David Felcman/Katerina Micova, CZE

Sun, 16 Jun 2013 22:08:55 +0200